OCI Competitions



We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign we would like your support. Those people who pledge £50 will get a free entry to all the competitions on the website for three months. There are other rewards including the possibility of free multiple entries to all competitions for three months. To support this campaign click here

There are three separate competitions to test your skill and taste. The anagram competition is perhaps are easiest competition. It is a simple straightforward anagram and you just need to work out what it is. In some cases it will refer to a book or author that is an aid to help you solve the anagram.

The second competition is our letter substitution competition this is slightly harder. We have hidden a message behind a sequence of numbers which make words. Can you work out which numbers relate to which letters. A clue is given to help you solve the competition.

Our final competition is for those of you who like breaking codes we have written a message. However the message is hidden behind a Ciphertext so you will need to work out which book we used to write the message before you can find the answer to the competition. We have provided a clue to the book.

You may enter any or all of the competitions more than once but watch the limits on how many times you can enter.