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August 2017 - Ciphertext Competition


£1000 x1

Entry Fee


SI-5 having learnt from EA-4 the principle behind the use of ciphertext that EA-4 used to write his notes of meetings decided to use it as well. However she devised a computer programme to do the work for her. The test text that she used to check her programme was the following. What did it say?

50/51, 60/25, 77/21, 103/52

For the reference text I have gone back to a book by a former Director – General of MI5.

The answer to June’s competition was the car was closer. The winner will be notified within 14 days.

Ciphertext Competition

Special Notes

  1. The author of the reference text and their immediate family are not allowed to enter this competition.
  2. You may enter up to five times but each entry must be accompanied by a fresh fee.
  3. Closing date 12 noon on 31 August 2017