FAQs – OCI Competitions


1Why do you charge a fee to enter your competitions?
A Fee is charged to allow us to build up the prize fund from which to pay the prizes. The amount of the fee and the amount of the prizes will be kept under review.
2The number of times that you can enter a competition varies why?
The number of times you can enter a competition is based on the number of books that a particular author has written that might give you the answer. As an example if an author has done a series of books about a particular character then the number of entries will based on the number of books in that series.
3Can you make the questions easier?
Under English Law which governs these competitions, subject to one exception which does not apply, a pay to enter competition cannot be one of chance there has to be a degree of skill. Therefore to keep within the law the competitions have to require some skill to answer them you must not be able to guess the answer.
4Do you hold a license to run these competitions?
No as they are not a lottery we do not hold a license as this is not as far as we are aware necessary.
5How will I know if I have won?
We will contact the winner within 14 days of the close of the competition to inform them.
6Do you sell the details of the people who enter your competitions?
No we do not sell or disclose your details.
7I have a complaint who do I contact?
If for any reason you have a complaint then please contact us using the contact form on this website.